digital transformation

A digital transformation guide for business leaders

Share this page: This is a high level guide to achieve a true digital transformation for an established business: 1. Determine whether you need to transform your business or just add digital to it Going through a true digital transformation will be a very painful process. It will require changing your DNA. In the end your company will not be[…]

Digital transformation strategy

10 digital strategy success factors

Share this page: Here are the success factors that I’ve identified in a variety of projects for a digital transformation to actually work. If you want to read how to do a digital transformation, please read my article on a business leader’s blue print for a digital transformation first. 1. Be serious Going digital for a company[…]

Hybrid Digital Strategy

The hybrid digital strategy

Share this page: Many business leaders understand digital as putting things online that were offline before (to save cost or to enable customer’s self service capabilities). Others consider it just the latest management buzz word but like to play around a bit with fancy projects or websites. Understanding digital as something you can just add on top[…]