My understanding of marketing

  1. Marketing is about selling and branding is about identity. In that case these days there is absolutely nothing in a business that is not about branding and marketing. It is how you do business.
  2. Driven by the Internet’s sometimes painful transparency Marketing and Branding today really mean the art of being, not pretending.

My marketing experience

  1. Responsible for all European marketing activities at a large tour operator
  2. Head of Marketing for the leading Swiss tour operator / travel agency at the time
  3. Developed a new market segmentation at a large tour operator group
  4. Built up strategic marketing, market intelligence, CRM, brand management, product marketing at a large tour operator
  5. Implemented a feedback based customer loyalty system (NPS) at a large tour operator and made customer satisfaction metrics relevant for management evaluation
  6. Developed a new market segmentation model for the private clients and wealth management units of a large banking group in Switzerland
  7. Acted as CMO a.i. for a new Online Travel Agency


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