My understanding of digital

  1. Digital as I see it is not about machines, it’s about people and how they live their lives. Digital devices have taken their place in our pockets and in our homes and they fundamentally changed the way how we work, how we spend our free time, how we navigate through information and how we interact with each other.
  2. Digital as I see it represents a whole new dimension to the way we must do business, starting from business modelling, tactics, strategy, operations and how we interact with clients, employees and partners.

My digital experience

  1. Creating the first hybrid private bank
  2. Transforming a traditional private bank into a digital player
  3. Developing an online travel agency from scratch
  4. Building up B2B online travel services
  5. Developing travel advisory tools for both off- and online usage
  6. Developing websites for over 20 years


  • – Hybrid Private Bank, Business development & CDO/CMO a.i.
  •, board member & adviser
  •, Internet consultant & project manager
  • Kuoni, VP of Marketing & board member, developed digital advisory & content marketing
  •, original webdesign & programming

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