I am a highly experienced executive, tech investor, top-tier strategy consultant and entrepreneur in the Travel/Tourism and Financial Services industries.
I am specialized in the following areas:

Traditional business development methods fail when building digital businesses. Being digital means being lean and quick. It means to try and run. And for most businesses it means: to change.


Think big and be analytical. That’s how you get very creative strategies. Combine those with a fine sense of operational feasibility and you get a solution that works.


Marketing and branding have changed a lot. Today it is about the way you do business. It is who you are, not what you say. It’s not an isolated topic anymore. It’s everywhere.


I have extensive experience being in supervisory and executive positions, managing many people. In other words: I know what I am talking about when it comes to execution and transformation.

«Working together with Jan has always been very inspiring for me.»
Richard Dratva

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Changing execution. Executing change.

THE EXPERIENCE I have ranges from being on executive and advisory boards, managing 50+ people, doing projects in many countries, advising top executives and of course; building up business, time and time again.

MY EXPERTISE extends over the areas of Digital Innovation & Transformation, Marketing, Corporate Strategy, Strategic Marketing, Loyalty Management, Market Intelligence, Business Development, Change Management and many more.

MY NETWORK is strong in the Internet, Venture, Consulting, Financial Services and Travel & Tourism industries.

  • Technology ventures

    Building up startups and technology ventures

  • Travel & Tourism

    Re-inventing travel and transforming traditional business

  • Financial Services

    Advising banks of all sizes on marketing and strategy

  • Transformation

    Helping clients in many industries in many countries to change


Proudly introducing Stryber – my latest venture:
Strategy consulting & company building for a digital world