My understanding of strategy

  1. Strategy used to be lot about long-term planning and sophisticated scenarios.
  2. Strategy as I see it gained a whole new dimension adding “digital” to it: The long term perspective has at least partly made way to a definition that is more appropriate for the short-lived nature of today’s world, a meaning that is – and is rightfully so – far closer to the concept of tactics.
  3. Strategy is about defining the actions that will make a business more competitive, no matter whether long- or short-term and whether high- or low-level. Often it’s also about small actions with big impacts that traditional strategists would ignore.

My strategy experience

  1. Developed vision, mission, strategy for several ventures and businesses
  2. Applied the “lean startup” methodology to several business development projects and mixed it with more traditional strategy frameworks
  3. Reworked the vision and was part of the strategy team for a large tour operator
  4. Strategy reviews for several mid-tier banks
  5. Part of the restructuring team for a major global bank
  6. Developed a country strategy for a consumer finance company


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